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An international collaborative enterprise with the focus of working cooperatively to better humanity, planet Earth, and intergalactic travel.



At Coterrial Space we are focusing on the future of intergalactic travel through cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork across the world. Working together we create kit rockets to serve the purpose of many while promoting technological advancement through healthy competition, shared lessons learned, and open communication. Future developments will be made in ecofriendly rocket fuel, space debris collection, and missions outside of our planet.

Our Name

Coterrial is derived of the latin prefix co- meaning jointly or together and terrial is derived from the latin word Terra as an alternative word for planet Earth.


Coterrial - - "together of this Earth" 


Redefining Teamwork

As an industry we tend to reinvent the wheel anytime we start something new instead of collaboratively working through lessons learned. The goal of Coterrial Space is to reduce this repetition by working together to share knowledge. This will allow us to make use of that time to create new technology, advance current technology, and work together as a species to change the future of space travel.


Our Journey So Far



Coterrial Space is in the starting phase as a company with a large backing of interested employees looking to make a difference in the aerospace field. We are actively looking for interested parties to work with us to promote this new venture. Reach out to us to learn more!

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